Thursday, January 18, 2007

Windjammer Trip One

I've booked my first trip for this summer: June 18, 6 days on Schooner Timberwind. I am planning to host some Dungeons and Dragons sessions on board so I thought a long cruise would be best and race week is not a good choice; too distracting. That should also give me some time to help sail the boat and many of the other opportunities there are on windjammer cruises.

That week is also the fleet schooner "gam" in which many of the ships head to an agreed upon harbor and anchor. If conditions are good there is often a "raft up" of the windjammers so that the whole crowd can socialize and tour the other boats.

This scene is one of the most impressive displays of parallel parking you will ever see. The captains are all pretty nervous about it as the tying up puts strain on the big girls. Whatever happens I should get to see some of the friends I made on the other 4 boats I sailed on last summer.

I may add a second cruise before or after with the purpose of taking this blog sailing.

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