Sunday, January 14, 2007

Taber Crew Returns for 2007

Popular crew members Phil, Cara and Dave are returning for a second season of fun and punishment at the hands of Capt. Noah Barnes of Schooner Stephen Taber. First Mate Phil is rumored to be in Rockland this winter working on unspecified projects with the Captain. Cara will return to baking and playing the fiddle, and "super Dave" whom I've never met is also slated to haul some lines and such. No word yet on the cook but Noah and Jane are already selecting wine and cheese. See Links section to arrive at the Taber site.

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Jane said...

Yes, Super Dave will be here for the entire 2007 season and is here in Rockland right now helping Phil and Captain Noah. Both of the masts are off the boat and are being sanded so they will look extra pretty this summer. Very exciting. Nice website Jeff!