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Maine Moon

Maine Windjammer Atmosphere and Scheduling

Maine Windjammer cruises are rustic. Sailing on a schooner is like visiting a wilderness lodge that moves at about 6 to 8 mph.

Cabins are very small and many are bunks. There are full facilities, but most are not at the household level. Several boats have no regular showers. This is a rustic outdoor vacation.

The ships are small. Most carry twenty two - twenty six people. Most activities are out on deck, but all the schooners have cozy galleys of various sizes. There is always shelter from the weather, but you sail rain or shine. There is no set itinerary. You will not know where you are headed tomorrow, except that it will be someplace as nice as today.

There are three meals of excellent, healthy comfort food a day. The food and the natural surroundings are the focal points. Maine windjammers go with the flow of nature and where the flow goes, so will you follow.

You will be a party to teamwork and small group comraderie but these are not party boats. All are welcome to bring spirits aboard and enjoy but moderation is expected and encouraged. Conversation, games and nature form the core of the experience; And there is plenty of peace.

When sailing, a passenger must first gauge how long they would like to be immersed in this atmosphere; Be realistic. There's a wide range of lengths. Try a short sail. If you enjoy yourself, you can return for more.

I feel that 6 days is the most relaxing. Many people like 4. But, if you can only take three than go for it. Few take even that chance, and many cannot.

Buck's Harbor Photo

Peaceful Buck's Harbor

Buck's Harbor Map

Buck's Harbor

Popular Windjammer Anchorage: Buck's Harbor

Buck's Harbor is a favorite of the Maine schooners and their passengers. This sheltered harbor is in the northeast corner of Penobscot Bay near the top of Eggemoggin Reach. Its location makes for an ideal first night stop on most sailings of 3 days or longer.

There is a protective island near the center producing an east and west entrance. The big schooners ply the eastern side and anchor there. The other side of the harbor has moorings for both small yachts and some cool old fishing vessels.

The tiny town of South Brooksville is just inland to the North, offering a place for passengers to take a relaxing stroll. It doesn't take long to see the post office and the small main street.

The harbor entrance faces southwest providing a pretty clear sunset view. See the map and photo to follow.

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Rebuilt Chesapeake Bugeye

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From Mary Day: Schooner Cats


Bio of Capt. Brenda Walker of Isaac H. Evans

Article from Maine Windjammer Association...


Shore Trips Article

From the MWA newsletter... LINK,b4QybnPS

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Camden Daysailer Surprise

Lighthouse Link: Monhegan Island Light

from Lighthouse Getaway .com

An impressive structure on one of the east coast's most spectacular islands.


Get There From Here... by Air

Air links to Maine Windjamming

Portland Maine (About 1.5 - 2 hours south)

Portland Jetport link to all airlines currently flying.... LINK

Owl's Head ( about 15 minutes south)

Knox County Regional Airport Link

The airline flying to Owl's Head is Colgan Air.
They operate as a regional line for Continental, U.S. Airways and United.

Most fly to Portland by one of several airlines. See the full list at the link above. There are direct flights from several cities. Jet Blue now flies here from Florida. I flew U.S. Airways from Pa.
A van ride of a few hours gets you to the schooners or you can rent a car.

Colgan Air is excellent if you want to fly right in to "Windjammer Central" but there are two points to mention. Owl's Head can be socked in by fog especially early in the season which can cause delays or a diverted flight. It is also considerably more expensive.

Windjammer Area Boatshop Rockport Marine

Right on Rockport Harbor is one of Maine's finest wooden boat shops.

Rockport Marine restores, builds and takes care of wooden boats of many types. Fifty year round employees work here.

They are currently building an 85 foot sail training ship for the Bermuda Sloop Foundation. Over the last few years the shop has been refitting the Camden based daysailer "Surprise."

Photo from their website.

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Grand Banks 36 Trawler Yacht
Eatons Boat Yard
Castine, Me.

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82 Feet of Elegance
Schooner Nathaniel Bowditch

from N. Bowditch Website

Maine Windjammer Owners' Thoughts

Mary Day continues to wake up...


Disentangling Victory Chimes from it's winter docking neighbors for haul out...


Windjammer Log Part 2: Scheduling

When considering a Maine Windjammer sail, length of cruise is very important to most. Sailings range from 3 to 6 days. A few boats offer some weekend overnight sails.

A majority of experienced sailors have a definite preference on cruise duration. Some of the schooners have fashioned their schedules around this current fact.

How long to sail depends on a few things beside the maximum time you have available. If it is a first time Windjammer cruise, a good idea of the type of atmosphere Maine Windjamming provides is pretty important. Some of this "atmosphere" differs slightly by boat, but there is a common experience shared by all.

More soon....

Schooner Nathaniel Bowditch Updates Website

The crew at Schooner Bowditch has added many new photo's and some additional descriptions to their site.

The William Hand designed classic racing schooner sails from Rockland Maine late May to early October. Trips are from 2 to 6 days.

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Working Schooner Isaac H. Evans

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Maine Windjammer Lodging: 7 Mountains Motel

Spending an extra day or two before and/or after a sailing trip is very nice, especially in a great area like the Maine coast. The fancier inns can be pricey, but there are some nice little motels.

7 Mountains is one such place. They have 14 rooms, a heated pool. Their location is right in the midst of the schooners in a quiet location off Rt. 1. and provide a light breakfast.

Two people I met recommended this motel highly. Room prices are from $50 to $90.

7 Mountains Motel is in Rockport Maine; Home to Schooner Timberwind.

From the Captains...

J&E Riggin's 2006 Lamb Fiasco...


Brenda Walker Blog displays a rescued Harp Seal...


Windjamming East Map

Map of Mt. Desert and Swan's Islands
for the post below.

Maine Windjammer Cruising Area: East

Mt Desert Island and Swans Island represent the far eastern boundaries of a typical Maine windjammer trip.

Mt. Desert is famous for Acadia National Park, but also has several excellent anchorages and small towns to visit. Bar Harbor is the most famous, but is also the farthest and most crowded. A visit to Southwest Harbor is more likely.

This is a boat building center. Many fine yachts are constructed at several top builders. The Hinckley Company is based in Southwest Harbor. Also in the area are: Ellis Boat Company, Lee S. Wilbur, John M. Williams and legendary designer/builder Ralph Stanley.

On the extreme SW coast of the island is Bass Harbor. This is a quieter anchorage. Nevertheless, this little fishing town is home to the great sailboat building Morris Yacht Co.

Swan's Island is home to a yearly music festival that most of the vessels attend(July 31-August 2nd, 2007). This island is about as remote as it gets. Reaching here is possible by ferry, but not easy. There are few modern attractions, but Swan's is beautiful and a real treat to see. Few people travel here. LINK

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Castine Harbor

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Maine Windjammer Log: Part One

Deciding to take a full Maine Windjammer sailing trip is a distinct departure from other vacations. You are not only sailing, but are sailing into a time period other than your own.

Re-Creation of the 19th and early 20th centuries on Maine coastal waters is what the fleet of Maine Windjammers provides. Within this context are contained the main characteristics of the unique experience.

You travel with the elements as often as possible and as little against them as necessary.

You combine with other people to accomplish tasks more modern machines now achieve far more easily.

You become immersed in an environment that is drastically unlike what you normally experience on a daily basis.

You become familiar with a maritime setting and culture that few realize has been kept alive today, in America.

Above all, you come in contact with a mix of simplicity and complication that is nearly the reverse of what most people's every day lives now contains.

All this occurs with surprisingly little effort and has a surprisingly grand effect on your psyche.

Windjammer Owner's Thoughts

On Yawl Boats in general and "Arno" in particular...


wOn food and heightened senses....


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Daysailer Heron in Rockport