Friday, March 9, 2007

Maine Windjammer Atmosphere and Scheduling

Maine Windjammer cruises are rustic. Sailing on a schooner is like visiting a wilderness lodge that moves at about 6 to 8 mph.

Cabins are very small and many are bunks. There are full facilities, but most are not at the household level. Several boats have no regular showers. This is a rustic outdoor vacation.

The ships are small. Most carry twenty two - twenty six people. Most activities are out on deck, but all the schooners have cozy galleys of various sizes. There is always shelter from the weather, but you sail rain or shine. There is no set itinerary. You will not know where you are headed tomorrow, except that it will be someplace as nice as today.

There are three meals of excellent, healthy comfort food a day. The food and the natural surroundings are the focal points. Maine windjammers go with the flow of nature and where the flow goes, so will you follow.

You will be a party to teamwork and small group comraderie but these are not party boats. All are welcome to bring spirits aboard and enjoy but moderation is expected and encouraged. Conversation, games and nature form the core of the experience; And there is plenty of peace.

When sailing, a passenger must first gauge how long they would like to be immersed in this atmosphere; Be realistic. There's a wide range of lengths. Try a short sail. If you enjoy yourself, you can return for more.

I feel that 6 days is the most relaxing. Many people like 4. But, if you can only take three than go for it. Few take even that chance, and many cannot.

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