Friday, March 9, 2007

Popular Windjammer Anchorage: Buck's Harbor

Buck's Harbor is a favorite of the Maine schooners and their passengers. This sheltered harbor is in the northeast corner of Penobscot Bay near the top of Eggemoggin Reach. Its location makes for an ideal first night stop on most sailings of 3 days or longer.

There is a protective island near the center producing an east and west entrance. The big schooners ply the eastern side and anchor there. The other side of the harbor has moorings for both small yachts and some cool old fishing vessels.

The tiny town of South Brooksville is just inland to the North, offering a place for passengers to take a relaxing stroll. It doesn't take long to see the post office and the small main street.

The harbor entrance faces southwest providing a pretty clear sunset view. See the map and photo to follow.

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