Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Get There From Here... by Air

Air links to Maine Windjamming

Portland Maine (About 1.5 - 2 hours south)

Portland Jetport link to all airlines currently flying.... LINK

Owl's Head ( about 15 minutes south)

Knox County Regional Airport Link

The airline flying to Owl's Head is Colgan Air.
They operate as a regional line for Continental, U.S. Airways and United.

Most fly to Portland by one of several airlines. See the full list at the link above. There are direct flights from several cities. Jet Blue now flies here from Florida. I flew U.S. Airways from Pa.
A van ride of a few hours gets you to the schooners or you can rent a car.

Colgan Air is excellent if you want to fly right in to "Windjammer Central" but there are two points to mention. Owl's Head can be socked in by fog especially early in the season which can cause delays or a diverted flight. It is also considerably more expensive.

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