Friday, April 27, 2007

Good Night

Schooner J&E Riggin Lies Peacefully at its Rockland Slip on a Fine Evening
The Wind Stopped Howling Only a Few Days Earlier

At the Inn...

I stayed at Old Granite Inn during my April visit.

The inn/B&B was bought by Edwin and Joan Hantz last August and they extended great hospitality to myself and the new crew of J&E Riggin who were staying there as well.

Old Granite Inn is a fine stone and wood structure right on Main St. in Rockland. It used to be the old Elk's club headquarters way back when.

The Inn has a large comfortable living room and a nice big dining room, as well as several excellent bedrooms. The atmosphere is casual and relaxed as seen in this photo of part of the living room.

Riggin Work Week part 2: At the Shop

The barn/garage at the Finger/Mahle house in Rockland is the site of a good deal of fit out work.

Many parts on the schooner are stored here or moved here for repair and refinishing.

This photo shows the blocks which facilitate sail handling on a traditional sailing vessel.

They have been repaired as needed and are now being given a new coat of White paint.

All the windjammers have a similar type of on-shore shop area.

Most of the schooners were working on shore early in the week due to the giant storm that effected the Northeast.

Good Morning

Schooners at North End Shipyard
American Eagle is in the foreground.
Isaac Evans is hidden by Heritage in the distance.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Riggin Work Week part 1: My Skylight

You are looking at my main contribution of volunteer work for J&E Riggin.

I spent my first 8 hours prepping this hatch/skylight for varnish. This piece and its windows(removed) is fitted forward over the Captain's Cabin.

This may have taken an actual crew person half the time, but these were 8 hours they could spend on other work.

There is some satisfaction in knowing that you worked on a part of the schooner that will be both observed and working for an entire sailing season.

Good Morning

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Back From Maine Windjammer Central

I have returned from Rockland after a 10 plus day visit. There are many pictures to show and some good stories to relate. First, some links from my sponsors...

The Old Granite Inn

Maine Adventure Sails

(Schooners Riggin and Timberwind)

Schooner Nathaniel Bowditch

Schooner Isaac H Evans

Good Morning

Main St. in Rockland Last Week