Saturday, May 5, 2007

Good Night Rockland

Oars, Spars, Barrels

Season Start Dates

Here are the dates for the opening sailings for the '07 season:

Timberwind 5/26 (3 days)
MWC *Grace Bailey, Mercantile, Mistress* 5/18 (Weekend)
J&E Riggin 6/2 (4 Days)
Nathaniel Bowditch 5/25 (3 Days)
Stephen Taber 5/25 (3 Days)
Isaac H. Evans 6/3 (4 Days)
American Eagle 5/26 (4 Days)
Angelique 5/26 (3 Days)
Heritage 6/4 (6 Days)
Lewis R. French 5/24 (4 Days)
Mary Day 5/26 (3 Days)
Victory Chimes 6/2 (Weekend)

Some boats use the sailing day and others the boarding day(previous evening.)

Friday, May 4, 2007

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

good night

North End Shipyard

Schooner Timberwind Update

Timberwind 's crew successfully hauled out for bottom painting at North End Shipyard and is back in Rockport completing preseason finish work.

Captain Tassi has a new crew this year and an all new suite of sails. Dawn Tassi has added a full time galley mate to assist with meal preparation

You can be one of the first to try out the new sails by joining the Timberwind Memorial Day Weekend Cruise. Or, join me when I sail on Timberwind for the Schooner Gam on the third week of June.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Windjammer Nathaniel Bowditch Under Way

Nathaniel Bowditch Update

Racing schooner Nathaniel Bowditch is well into its spring fit out. Bowditch wintered on the Camden waterfront where it will reside until moving back to its Rockland slip.

Hard at work are Capt. Owen Dorr and brother Paul , along with their new crew of three. Cathie Dorr (the captain's wife,) is busy running the business side of the operation.

The Bowditch team is in the process of securing National Historic recognition for the 1922 racing yacht/windjammer.

Every cruise booked on this classic vessel helps the Dorr's move a step further in their dream of restoring this spectacular sailing Ferrari to her 1920's glory.

Good Day

Schooner Mistress With Her Bigger Sisters Behind Her
Camden Harbor in Late April

Monday, April 30, 2007

Good Night

Artistic Rockland Night Scene

From the Windjammers...

From Riggin

From Isaac H. Evans... Noreaster

From Mary Day... Chadwick Launch

One Month More...

Very soon Jenny Norman and friends

will ply the waters of Penobscot Bay

once again.

Good Day

Schooner Heritage at North End Shipyard
Isaac H Evans is lying alongside

Sunday, April 29, 2007

"Don't Walk in to That!"

A great source of pride was not damaging anything valuable while working in the Riggin Shop,

This was almost not so.

While chatting with Capt. Finger on my last day about the supreme difficulties with varnishing, I nearly grazed the boats most prized bright finished item.

The ship's wheel (seen lower left) had just been finished by the captain and hung to dry. Gesturing with my hands in my finest "ethnic" style, I stepped back for effect and heard the words inscribed as the title of this post.

I had no idea what "that" meant. It was a terribly vague statement If included in a rhetorical argument or set on paper I would have been quite critical of its likely effect. In this context, however, it was very effective at freezing me in place before looking around and then leaping away into open space, which is what Capt. Finger may have intended.

Another example of results achieved with "efficiency and economy" in the Maine rhetorical style.

I still maintain that I wasn't that close to that wheel but I was certainly much farther away 15 seconds later.

Good Day

Windjammers in Camden Harbor
Still Wrapped Up for Winter