Sunday, April 29, 2007

"Don't Walk in to That!"

A great source of pride was not damaging anything valuable while working in the Riggin Shop,

This was almost not so.

While chatting with Capt. Finger on my last day about the supreme difficulties with varnishing, I nearly grazed the boats most prized bright finished item.

The ship's wheel (seen lower left) had just been finished by the captain and hung to dry. Gesturing with my hands in my finest "ethnic" style, I stepped back for effect and heard the words inscribed as the title of this post.

I had no idea what "that" meant. It was a terribly vague statement If included in a rhetorical argument or set on paper I would have been quite critical of its likely effect. In this context, however, it was very effective at freezing me in place before looking around and then leaping away into open space, which is what Capt. Finger may have intended.

Another example of results achieved with "efficiency and economy" in the Maine rhetorical style.

I still maintain that I wasn't that close to that wheel but I was certainly much farther away 15 seconds later.

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