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Starting This Weekend...

Now that spring is approaching, I will begin a more personally oriented tour of Maine windjamming. I will relate some experiences from last year and some useful content for those who want to come windjamming,

I hope to have one of these personal posts a day. First up for Sunday will be my overall description of what a Maine Windjammer sail entails.

Windjammer Layouts: Victory Chimes

Maine's largest windjammer is the fleet's closest thing to a small cruise ship.

Victory Chimes carries 40 passengers in cabins off traditional hallway-like passages. Most cabins are twins, but in recent years the owners have added some doubles.

Some cabins now have private heads. The rest share facilities. There are hot water showers.

Victory chimes has a large forward galley/saloon that can seat the whole company.

This schooner also features heat down below for cooler nights, as well as 110v ac.

VC's giant size gives it the most deck space in the fleet. Large couch-like benches provide a great deal of comfort.

For those not ready to cram into the smaller confines of some of the other boats, the plan of this 1901 Ram Schooner has a lot to recommend. VC has some comforts the others don't offer.

Link to Large Layout Plan

Windjammers and Puffins

Here are some thoughts about Puffins in Maine. There are a few good links about the cute little winged creatures.


Good Morning

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Good Night

by Brenda Walker

Schooners and.... Sushi?

So you just dropped off your gear on the windjammer and want some sushi for dinner...

Don't laugh. Suzuki's Sushi Bar at 419 Main St. in Rockland was pretty darn good. It beats Burger King by a mile if you like this cuisine and you'll eat plenty of down home cooking on the boat. You can skip the eel if you like.

Featured Islands: The Cranberry Isles

My favorite fruit associated islands in Maine...


Windjammer Owner's Reflections

More on Schooner Gardens...


This is your brain on schooners.... Any questions?


Soothing Photo by Brenda Walker...


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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

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Rockland Wharf Area
July, 2006

Oddest Moments at the NYC Windjammer Booth

I remember three particularly odd occurrences

3. A family of eight or so walking by and grabbing eight or ten DVD's.

2. Some guy introduced himself as an "inventor" and proceeded to give a ten minute demonstration of his 21st century billfold.
(available for 1$ ea. minimum 5000)

1. The very nice staff at the Hooters Casino Booth next door honestly did not know where Maine is located. Or is that a normal occurrence?

Windjammer Oriented Links

If you like looking at the kind of stuff that would be on a schooner, here is a link to Paul E. Luke inc., one of Maine's most storied custom marine purveyors.

Paul Luke launched his first custom sailboat in 1937 and the Luke family still runs the operation that now specializes in custom sailboat hardware and fixtures.

The site includes a good bio of Paul E. Luke himself and his boat building legacy.

Their products include steel and bronze hardware, stoves, and of course; Custom Feathering Propellers.


2007 Maine Windjammer Fleet Events Link

Those who want to see most or all of the schooners in one place have several chances this year.

This link shows 2007 gatherings of the Maine fleet. Pick a boat and anchor with the others for a night. Some of these trips fill up fast. I hope to be at the two June events. A raft-up of the vessels is planned for some gatherings provided the weather cooperates.

Windjammer Captain's Reflections

Schooner Mary Day's season slowly begins...

No pain killers required for this Haddock Recipe...


Good Morning

Aft Deck of Schooner Nathaniel Bowditch

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Good Night

Anchored in NYC

At the New York Times Travel Show

Fun was had by most at the NYT show last weekend. This photo was taken Sunday.

Brenda Walker( Isaac H. Evans) and Cathie Dorr (Nathaniel Bowditch) greeted people at the Maine Windjammer Association booth.

Captains Foss, Barnes and Dorr were there for long stretches on Saturday.

PR rep. Meg Maiden was there from start to finish. The biggest challenge seemed to be explaining the differences between the Maine fleet and the "Barefoot" vessels down south.

There were some unusual moments to report, but I'll save those until tomorrow.

Maine Windjamming Sights

40 Foot Lobster Boat
built by
Young Bros. of Correa, Maine

Windjammer Captain's Reflections

Annie Mahle on her garden in Maine....

Barry King on Longfellow and Maine poetry...

Good Morning

Monday, February 26, 2007

Good Night

Remote Island Lobster Bake
June 12, 2006
Schooner Isaac H. Evans

Windjammer Captain's Reflections

Captain Brenda Walker winter entry.

Back From the Big Apple

Well, I'm back from the NYT Travel Show where I spent two full days as a quasi representative and passenger spokesperson for the Maine Windjammer Association. I will have several observations to post in upcoming days, as well as a few photos.

Hosting at the booth were Captains John Foss, Owen Dorr, Noah Barnes and Brenda Walker as well as Nathanial Bowditch co-owner Cathie Dorr. The effort was led by PR rep Meg Maiden.

Overall, we had a good time at the show.