Friday, March 2, 2007

Windjammer Layouts: Victory Chimes

Maine's largest windjammer is the fleet's closest thing to a small cruise ship.

Victory Chimes carries 40 passengers in cabins off traditional hallway-like passages. Most cabins are twins, but in recent years the owners have added some doubles.

Some cabins now have private heads. The rest share facilities. There are hot water showers.

Victory chimes has a large forward galley/saloon that can seat the whole company.

This schooner also features heat down below for cooler nights, as well as 110v ac.

VC's giant size gives it the most deck space in the fleet. Large couch-like benches provide a great deal of comfort.

For those not ready to cram into the smaller confines of some of the other boats, the plan of this 1901 Ram Schooner has a lot to recommend. VC has some comforts the others don't offer.

Link to Large Layout Plan

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