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Quiet Galley of Schooner American Eagle

Maine Coast Mystery Site


Windjammer Layout #2: Timberwind

Schooner Timberwind has the simplest accommodation plan of any large schooner.

There are two passenger compartments. The aft section has 4 double cabins and 1 twin. Forward are two twin cabins and two triples. Each section has a head. Total capacity is 20 passengers. I stayed in Cabin 1 on the forward starboard side.

The galley/saloon is in the focs'le. I found this space to be one of the most pleasant to spend time in of the schooners I sailed on. Timberwind's deep keel gives the passenger spaces a good deal of headroom and all the cabins have a port. Ladders are pretty steep and the hatchway are somewhat small, so you'll learn to watch your head. Remember, Timberwind was a real work boat.

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Friday, February 9, 2007

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View from Floating Dock
Early June 2006

Windjammer Conversation

All those with questions about the Maine Windjammers are welcome to ask at the discussion group site. Someone has to start off, so don't be shy. For those who have asked if I'm sailing this season, yes, twice. I'll talk about it a little more in upcoming posts and on the group site.

Maine Windjamming Book Selection: Coastal Maine

This guide to coastal Maine is one of the best. The author knows a lot about the area and is a very good writer. The book covers the entire Maine coast from the New Hampshire border to Canada.

I got it from WoodenBoat Store, but it's probably available at the other online retailers and by order locally.

Fleet's Fastest Nearly Booked For Race

Only two cabins remain on Isaac H. Evans for the Great Schooner Race on July 4th Week.
Call Captain Brenda before the opportunity passes!

Windjammer Cruising Area: Pulpit Harbor

Pulpit Harbor is the most popular windjammer anchorage. Located on North Haven Island, Pulpit is very close to home ports. This makes it reachable on any length cruise and it is quite well protected from the elements.

The harbor is named after the rock that guards it. Atop the stone is a giant Osprey nest that has been continuously inhabited by the hunting birds for at least 400 years. The nest is now protected by environmental law.

Pulpit Harbor's greatest feature is its views of the western sky. It is most people's favorite "sunset" harbor. Along with the sunset you can get a clear view of the mainland.

There is also a good chance to go ashore and walk around on the small roads that surround the harbor. A few of these run along other bodies of water on the island.

The main complication at Pulpit occurs in late July and August when many yachts crowd in to see with the big schooners that frequent the anchorage. Sometimes there are so many smaller boats that the windjammers can't get in to the harbor!

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Ancient Osprey Nest
Pulpit Rock

Thursday, February 8, 2007

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The Pond on Pond Island
May 31, 2006

Featured Boat Yard: Knight Marine Service

It is hard to miss the large red buildings of Knight Marine on the Rockland Wharf. This well respected yard has a marina with docks and moorings and all basic services. A full repair facility is available.

Knight Marine Service is best known for boat storage, maintenance and for hosting large cruising groups. They store and look after several traditional sailboats for the winter, including windjamming daysailers like Lazyjack of BoothBay. Knight Marine Service

Windjammer Layout #1: Mercantile

Mercantile has an interior layout common to many windjammers. An aft "main" cabin has a center center "landing" type area with several staterooms opening from it. A similar arrangement exists in the area just forward. The passenger space most forward is separated into two cabins by the centerboard. Each has a different entrance and more than one room inside.

All the way forward is the galley, which is quite large on Mercantile. Thus, Mercantile has five distinct inside spaces accessed by ladders through hatches of various sizes. Each area has a single head below decks. This schooner carries 29 people in her very "cozy" interior.

Mercantile Link

Featured Place to Stay: Trade Winds Motor Inn

As a few people have pointed out, there is another good hotel/motel in Rockland. The Trade Winds is right on the wharf at the center of town. I stayed here last July and September and found everything to be quite nice.

Trade Winds is slightly bigger than Navigator and has a spa area. Their restaurant serves great seafood and has a terrace with a view. They now have wireless internet and a wired terminal in the lobby. There is a bar located under street level that is quite popular.

Interestingly, both Trade Winds and the Navigator are owned by the same people.

Trade Winds Motor Inn Link

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Rockport Harbor

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

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Windjamming Ketch Angelique

Put a Schooner on Your Mantle

You can have a real plank on frame replica of a gaff schooner at home. WoodenBoat Store offers this model of the famous Nova Scotia fishing vessel Bluenose in an already built version.

You step the masts and install the rigging. The model is about 3 feet long and comes with instructions and a stand. I saw it at the Brooklin headquarters and it is very impressive. Those particularly smitten by the classic fishing schooners like American Eagle will love this.

Schooner Bluenose Model

Maine Windjammer Captains Come to New York

Several members of the MWA are attending the New York Times Travel Show late this month. Here is the text from their newsletter:

"If you have an interest in taking a windjammer cruise, we encourage you to stop by our booth (#1028) at the New York Times Travel Show at the Javits Center in New York City. From February 23-25, many of the captains will be on hand to answer questions and give you the straight scoop on what to expect should you decide to come windjamming…they might even teach you a few knots! We’ll also be participating in a panel discussion (Escaping the Urban Jungle) at the show on Saturday at 4:00pm. We hope to see you there!"

Maine Mystery Site


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Captain Brenda Walker's Ferry Service

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

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UFO over Penobscot Bay
Call the Air Force

Maine Lights: Boothbay Region

Here is a quick look at some of the lighthouses around Boothbay and vicinity. Boothbay is a destination for one of the June fleet events. LINK

Featured Eatery: Cafe Miranda

Cafe' Miranda

One of the most diverse and unusual menus I saw last summer. Very fresh ingredients are served in a variety of cultural traditions. Quite Casual, and right off Main st. Rockland. Annie Mahle , cook on Riggin, is a fan.

I like "different" restaurants with unique menus. This one was my favorite from last season. They are a family shop with most of them working there in some capacity. Some of their items are sold in local markets. It's a pretty low-ego place with a fine sense of humor.

MWA Newsletter

Maine Windjammer Association's latest newsletter is out today It has a bio of Capt. Garth Wells of Lewis R. French among other articles. Their site is here.

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Jenny Norman from J. N. Website

Monday, February 5, 2007

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Ghost Ship Tabor Boy

Bugeye Passed Over by Windjammer Blog

Due to excessive fatigue owing to playing Euchre on my pocket pc until 2:00 am this morning, I omitted one of the coolest daysailers in Maine. As Elizabeth quickly commented, Jenny Norman of Rockland is a must sail if you get the chance. If you don't have time then at least take an up close look.

"Jenny" is a fine 1980's replica of one of my favorite types of sailing work boats. The "Bugeye" was a Chesapeake Bay work boat used for oystering that combined some of the same features as the Northeastern coasters while being quite distinct.

The most unique features are deeply raked masts and the use of the "Leg o' Mutton" masthead rig popular on sailing sharpie skiffs. Like its cousin the Skipjack, most had "Bateau" hulls with pretty clipper bows that partially hide their rather blunt shape. Some had masts so raked as to look like cartoons that couldn't sail; They could.

Jenny Norman is being restored and sailed by Mike and Julie Rogers who formally crewed on Victory Chimes. See a photo.

Mid Maine Mystery Site



There are several windjammer-like vessels who specialize in day sails in the midcoast maine region. All three windjammer home ports have at least one. Camden has several vessels. There are also a number of others throughout New England. Here are some good midcoast area ones.

Windjamming Book Selection

All of the Maine windjammers use the classic "Gaff" sail rigging configuration. This older, salty looking rig had many advantages when it was the dominant sail rig before WWII.

"The Gaff Rig Handbook" by John Leather provides a good overview of the history and workings of the rig that all the Maine schooners use. Even if you are not fascinated with the technicalities, you will get a good idea where everything is and the key parts involved. This will help in assisting the crew in sailing during your trip.

The book is available at Amazon, WoodenBoat Store, Borders and Barnes and Noble. It can be ordered at your local book store if you are still fortunate to have one in your community. Price is $29.95 retail and less at the online stores.

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Lobster Yacht at Castine Dock

Sunday, February 4, 2007

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Featured Boat Shop: Malone Boatbuilding:

An excellent small boatbuilder that specializes in wood, located in Rockport. They currently have a small traditional wooden lobster boat under construction.

Malone Boatbuilding Inc.

Official Super Bowl Prediction

Mary Day 26

J&E Riggin 20

Call Vegas Now.

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Castine Harbor