Monday, February 5, 2007


There are several windjammer-like vessels who specialize in day sails in the midcoast maine region. All three windjammer home ports have at least one. Camden has several vessels. There are also a number of others throughout New England. Here are some good midcoast area ones.


Elizabeth said...

You missed my favorite one...the Bugeye Schooner Jenny Norman in Rockland!

Joe said...

I 've been on the Heron a couple times out of Rockport, really fun sailing the owner's daughters would say rock and roll daddy every time the boat heeled over{it was pretty breezy that day. Lazy Jack {Boothbay } has a really fascinating past , the one time I was on that there was a fresh breeze, which made for a wild ride small boat big rig.

Top 10 Daysailers said...

Great list but have you seen the LIFE 7.5 ?