Monday, February 5, 2007

Bugeye Passed Over by Windjammer Blog

Due to excessive fatigue owing to playing Euchre on my pocket pc until 2:00 am this morning, I omitted one of the coolest daysailers in Maine. As Elizabeth quickly commented, Jenny Norman of Rockland is a must sail if you get the chance. If you don't have time then at least take an up close look.

"Jenny" is a fine 1980's replica of one of my favorite types of sailing work boats. The "Bugeye" was a Chesapeake Bay work boat used for oystering that combined some of the same features as the Northeastern coasters while being quite distinct.

The most unique features are deeply raked masts and the use of the "Leg o' Mutton" masthead rig popular on sailing sharpie skiffs. Like its cousin the Skipjack, most had "Bateau" hulls with pretty clipper bows that partially hide their rather blunt shape. Some had masts so raked as to look like cartoons that couldn't sail; They could.

Jenny Norman is being restored and sailed by Mike and Julie Rogers who formally crewed on Victory Chimes. See a photo.


Elizabeth said...

Thank you Jeff....You've done her justice! It's really nice to see someone else who loves, admires, and appreciates this pieces of working history that sail our harbors in Maine!

Joe said...

I sailed on this boat back in 2004, really nice relaxing sunset sail, great boat great crew. Gad to see she's still sailing, after being found in such tough shape.