Friday, February 9, 2007

Windjammer Cruising Area: Pulpit Harbor

Pulpit Harbor is the most popular windjammer anchorage. Located on North Haven Island, Pulpit is very close to home ports. This makes it reachable on any length cruise and it is quite well protected from the elements.

The harbor is named after the rock that guards it. Atop the stone is a giant Osprey nest that has been continuously inhabited by the hunting birds for at least 400 years. The nest is now protected by environmental law.

Pulpit Harbor's greatest feature is its views of the western sky. It is most people's favorite "sunset" harbor. Along with the sunset you can get a clear view of the mainland.

There is also a good chance to go ashore and walk around on the small roads that surround the harbor. A few of these run along other bodies of water on the island.

The main complication at Pulpit occurs in late July and August when many yachts crowd in to see with the big schooners that frequent the anchorage. Sometimes there are so many smaller boats that the windjammers can't get in to the harbor!

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Joe said...

My favorite harbor, been there once