Monday, February 5, 2007

Windjamming Book Selection

All of the Maine windjammers use the classic "Gaff" sail rigging configuration. This older, salty looking rig had many advantages when it was the dominant sail rig before WWII.

"The Gaff Rig Handbook" by John Leather provides a good overview of the history and workings of the rig that all the Maine schooners use. Even if you are not fascinated with the technicalities, you will get a good idea where everything is and the key parts involved. This will help in assisting the crew in sailing during your trip.

The book is available at Amazon, WoodenBoat Store, Borders and Barnes and Noble. It can be ordered at your local book store if you are still fortunate to have one in your community. Price is $29.95 retail and less at the online stores.

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