Sunday, January 14, 2007

2007 Windjammer Plans

Several people have already asked me which windjammer(s) will host me this year. Good question. I am considering several possibilities. An electronic acquaintance asked if I would sort of think out loud about this here. So off and on I will.

Firstly, I sailed on 5 boats last summer. All are listed in the Links Section. One was (un)lucky enough to have me twice. Not this year, but there may be more than one. One is already assured. Last year I promised to return to host a sailing Dungeons and Dragons game on Timberwind. I never got back, so this season is a definite date, though I'm not sure which trip I want it to be. Race week is right out. I want to sail at least one other trip connected to that one and possibly do a mobile blog. Which vessel will be doomed to such a fate?

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