Monday, January 15, 2007

Boothbay Voyage

Courtesy of Boothbay Chamber of Commerce

Photo by Jeff Sagel

Schooner Nathaniel Bowditch is scheduled to sail to Boothbay for the Windjammer festival in the last week of June. Boothbay Harbor is one of the nicest in Maine, with a strong shipbuilding heritage which continues today. Bowditch was built in East Boothbay in 1922 as the racing yacht Ladona.

Nathaniel Bowditch is ideal for this adventurous run south. She is an excellent up wind sailer and has an inboard engine for greater speed. Many windjammers don't try this trip as there can be more challenging conditions and some uncomfortable seas occasionally. The reward for more intrepid passengers is high. Boothbay is a gem and entering by boat is the best experience for any harbor.

Events in the harbor include a parade of sail, fireworks, and a large multi-windjammer lobster bake on Cabbage island. The other boats scheduled this year are American Eagle, Heritage and Camden's Lewis R. French. French is the only original coasting schooner (1871) to sail down under Capt. Garth Wells. Some ships decide to go down at the last minute if the conditions are very favorable. I am seriously considering this voyage for this year or next.

Fair warning though: If the weather does not cooperate the captains will alter the itinerary, in which case you get a normal "no particular destination" sail. You will still have a great time.

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Joe said...

Jeff that sounds like a great trip, I have already made my plans for this year but will definitely keep it mind for next year