Friday, January 19, 2007

Featured Windjammer: Mercantile

Photo from MWC Website

Mercantile is one of the prettiest windjammers in the world. She is the last surviving ship in a series built on Deer Isle in the early 20th century.

Like her fellow "coasters" she hauled cargo up and down the coast entering smaller ports with her shallow draft. The "Merc" as she is affectionately called was converted to a windjammer late in her career.

She was restored in 1989 and now carries up to 29 people on 3 and four day sails. Merc is owned by Maine Windjammer Cruises, the direct descendant of the original windjammer company founded in the 1930's.

Sailing Vessel Mercantile
Gaff Schooner with Centerboard
Launch: 1916, Deer Isle Maine
Refit: 1989

  • Length: 80 Feet on deck
  • Draft: Shoal (aprox. 5 Feet)
  • Sails: 4
  • Capacity: 29 passengers plus Captain and Crew
  • Home Port: Camden

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