Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Striking Misfit

Angelique is a very noticeable only child in the windjammer fleet. She is the only Ketch ( a higher front mast) and the only ship not built of wood.

She was built in 1980 purposely for passenger service. Her design is a close copy of a traditional classic Northern European fishing vessel. Features include rounded stern (back), a nearly plumb stem (front) and traditional red "Tanbark" sails. Construction is of steel with traditional wooden topsides.

Angelique has twin engines and a deckhouse lounge. Owned by the McHenry family, this windjammer does quite a number of offshore wildlife oriented cruise. She is based in Camden. Angelique is one of the favorite sights to see on the bay. You can spot her from a long way off.

On race week last summer we on Nathaniel Bowditch informally raced Angelique from Castine to Bass Harbor on Mt. Desert Island. (photo is courtesy of Ted Dillard from Angelique's website.)

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