Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Political Interlude

I said I would comment on the global climate change issue raised by Bob Tassi and so I will.

This is clearly one of the three vital issues to act upon in our current times, just below political stability and prosperity in the Middle East and just above health care (but not by much.) I am a political operative, that much should be known. I was a Republican in my younger days and would still be thought of as conservative if our political climate had not moved so far right. I am now a Democrat and worked long and hard for congressional change in November.

The Film an inconvenient truth is a priceless contribution to us. Whatever your feelings about Gore (mine have changed several times,) the movie and its subject are not a curiosity, they are the future. Momentum on climate change has accelerated due to Gore's work. This week EXXON/Mobile cut most of its ties to anti-global climate change advocates, which closely follows Senator McCain's reversal on the issue. There is progress occurring.

Politically, these changes will be slow. Individual actions on neutralizing carbon like Capt. Tassi's are what is needed. Many are attempting this thanks to Al Gore's effort.

For coastal communities this issue is not in the future it is now. Seas are rising. Many people I know are still looking for a "magic" techno solution. Real effort and some sacrifice is what we have now, along with some good help from science. The good news is that our citizens are aware. That was obvious from our last election. That is not enough. We must all try to act now. Maybe we can actually view this as an exciting positive challenge to work with nature and not against it.

We are part of the system of the creator's creation. Do we really need to assert otherwise? That kind of pride will lead to a very dismal future. Hope is here if we keep it. In five years one quarter of cars may be hybrids. Americans have a chance to take the lead in short order. Everyday folks will decide our future. Thankfully, most of us fit somewhere in that category.

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