Friday, February 16, 2007

Windjammer Wildlife Sails

Wildlife is a big feature of all schooner vacations. You generally see many creatures of many types over the course of even a short sail in Maine.

Animals along the Maine coast are a little shy compared to say, the Pacific Northwest, but I saw plenty of our living cousins especially when not expecting to. Last year's highlight was an otter popping up on the rocks of Crotch Island less than 5 feet from me.

Nature isn't choreographed for us, but some windjammers have special wildlife cruises on which they actively seek out wildlife spotting chances. These sails generally head farther offshore. Some have naturalist guides aboard as hosts.

  • Windjammer Angelique leads the fleet in wildlife cruises. Five this season.
  • Schooner Mary Day has two dedicated sailings.
  • Lewis R. French offers a bird watching cruise.
  • Isaac H. Evans has a whale watching sail that is scheduled during the Perseid Meteor Shower. (Hurry though, it's almost filled)

All the schooners headed to Boothbay on the last week of June stand a great chance of spotting offshore wildlife. I'll be on Nathaniel Bowditch. But see also French, Eagle, Heritage.

American Eagle is nearly certain to see plenty of offshore wildlife on her long range sails.

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