Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Way Down East Windjamming

Sylvina W. Beal from EW website

Eastport Maine is about as downeast as it gets. There are some impressive windjammers to sail there. Eastport Windjammers operates two schooners. The company is run by the Harris family which has a very long history in that area.

Sylvina W Beal is a converted 84 foot(approx.) knockabout fishing schooner launched in 1911 which sails day cruises and charters.

Halie and Mathew is a brand new(2003) windjammer built by the family for custom cruises of two to seven days. She is in the Schooner Heritage size range(90 ft.+) and is certified for 30 overnight passengers.

These vessels often sail into the Bay of Fundy.

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