Sunday, January 21, 2007

Windjammer Primer part 2: Cruise Characteristics

Windjammers trips in Maine have some key things that make them different than other cruises besides the ships themselves.

  • Most board the night before departure. The main exception is for short "weekend cruises" that often board Friday afternoon and return Sunday.
  • No set itinerary: Wind, current,weather and your captain's whim determine your route.
  • Limited electric power.
  • Meals cooked on either wood, kerosene or diesel stoves within your view.
  • Passengers are encouraged(but never required) to become part of the crew for sailing, anchoring, and mealtime chores.
  • Very simple and compact accomodations
  • Drinks other than the basics such as water, juices, and coffee/tea are brought on ship by passengers according to their own desires.
  • Entertainment is informal: Cards, Music, Storytelling, Reading...etc.

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