Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Jeff's Unofficial Role Playing Gamer Cruise

Things look set for my first foray into sailing role playing. I will host gaming sessions for willing participants on the Schooner Timberwind during "Gam" week (June 18-23.) These will be real life, face to face to face, un-electronic old style D&D adventures.

Likely players so far include Dawn, Will and Emily Tassi. Dawn and I are close in age and played the game in the late 70's into the 80's. I will use the actual paper books and real dice. These things go well with Timberwind's cozy galley and the possibility of playing by lamplight.

I will make the game suitable for younger players and adults as well.

Timberwind sails from Rockport Maine. This voyage is one of five 6 day sailings this summer. Boarding is on the evening of Sunday, June 17. We return on the morning of Saturday, June 23. I'll have updates on my game plans over time.

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