Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Windjammer vs. Windjammer part 1

The first big difference between Maine Windjammers and the Caribbean boats is the format of the cruises.

Barefoot windjammers are structured like a big cruise ship vacation. The boats mostly sail at night and anchor during the day. The island destinations are the main focus. There are cruise ship-like shore excursions. Most importantly, there is a definite schedule of stops at specific ports. These boats spend a good deal of time with their engines running. Much of your waking time is spent with the boat at rest. I should say that night sailing is very enjoyable, but many people won't be awake.

In contrast, the Maine fleet emphasizes the sailing experience itself and its connection to the natural elements. The fleet sails during the day and into the evening and anchors overnight. Motoring is done as little as possible. This results in an unpredictable itinerary. There is no certain destination. Traveling is largely done with the wind and weather. You will almost certainly go ashore at least once every day at a different beautiful place, but will not know where for certain. The overall direction the ship takes each day is a secret held by nature and your captain.

The two fleets present clearly different vacation formats.

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Elizabeth said...

Very well said! You've hit the nail on the head!