Monday, March 12, 2007

Windjammer Layouts: Lewis R. French

Lewis R. French is the smallest "big" schooner in the Maine fleet. However, because it is a keel boat there is good room inside.

The French carries 22 people and has a wide range of bunk types, including 4 singles. 8 are housed in the aft main cabin and 14 more amidships in two more sections.

French's galley.saloon is forward and can seat the whole company. Heads are on deck level.

Click the photo for a bigger view. Lewis R.French sails from Camden. A link is in the windjammer list.

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Anonymous said...

It is a great boat or at least it was when my wife and I sailed on her in 1981. I assume that she is still in great shape and still sails well.

Does anyone know what why Dan Pease sold her and what he is doing now? He was the first mate when we were onboard. His sister was on board the same week.