Thursday, February 1, 2007

Memorial Day Windjamming

Several Maine Windjammers start their seasons early enough to offer holiday weekend sails. The weather is cooler, but the fares are lower and the schooners have most of the bay to themselves. I sailed in early June last year and had a great experience; Just dress warmly. Here is a list of windjammers sailing on Memorial Day Weekend in random order with their home ports.

  1. Nathaniel Bowditch 3 Days, Rockland
  2. Grace Bailey/Mercantile 3 Days , Camden (which vessel is by the owner's choice)
  3. Stephen Taber 3 Days, Rockland
  4. American Eagle 4 Days, Rockland
  5. Angelique 3 Days, Camden
  6. Timberwind 3 Days, Rockport
  7. Lewis R. French 4 Days, Camden
  8. Mary Day 3 Days, Camden
Check the websites for detailed information

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